Company overview and information in accordance with the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Company name
Kazuki Ishibashi
1-9-36 Hakataekihigashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Email address
Product prices
Depend on the schedule and plan. (For further information, see the details of each plan.)
Required fees in addition to product fees
Consumption tax and accommodation tax
Payment methods
Advance payments: Payments can be made with a credit card when an online reservation is made.
On-site payments: Payments can be made with cash, a credit card, electronic payment methods, or QR codes (PayPay).
Delivery time (completion of reservation)
If a reservation is made with the online reservation system, the reservation is complete when the reservation complete notification is shown on the customer’s screen.
If advance payment is made with a credit card, the reservation is complete after the payment is made.
▪ Day before check-in: 20% of the accommodation charge (standard rate)
▪ Day of check-in: 80% of the accommodation charge (standard rate)
▪ No show: 100% of the accommodation charge (standard rate)
The conditions may vary depending on the accommodation plan.
For details, see the cancellation policy.
No refunds are provided after the stay.