[Maximum capacity of 50 people]
These are private rooms that can be used for conferences, training, or entrance ceremonies.
Conference rooms are fully carpeted to create a space that is suitable for your objectives.
* Rooms have ventilation fans and windows that can be opened. *
(Reservations can be made online.)
Training layout The setup can be changed to suit your needs.This style can be used for company training, etc.
  • Training layout The setup can be changed to suit your needs.This style can be used for company training, etc.
  • 島型形式 島のように机と椅子を複数の個所にまとめたレイアウトです。島ごとに議論をする事ができるので、グループに分けて意見交換したり作業をするのに適しています。
  • ロの字形式 長方形の机を口の字型に配置して、その周囲に椅子を置いたスタイルです。
  • スクール形式 学校の教室のように、全ての机と椅子が演台などに向いているレイアウトです。机でメモを取りやすく、PCやドリンクなども置くことができるレイアウトです。
  • コの字形式 机をコの字に配置して、その周りに椅子を置きます。机が置かれていない場所に、ホワイトボードやプロジェクター用のスクリーンなどを置いて、資料を確認しながら会議をするのに適したレイアウトです。
  • シアター形式 スクール形式と同じように演台などに向かって椅子を配置しますが、演台以外は机を置かないのが特徴です。講習会などのご利用が多いレイアウトです。
  • 立食形式 座席を取り払い、テーブルを中央に集めたスタイル。ドリンク台を設けてパーティでのご利用が多いレイアウトです。

Venue guide

Usage hours: generally 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Venue nameAreaCeiling heightcapacityEstimated rate per hour
SchoolTheaterSquareC shapeIslandsStand and eat
Venue nameAreaCeiling heightSchool (capacity)Theater (capacity)Square (capacity)C shape (capacity)Islands (capacity)Stand and eat (capacity)Estimated rate per hour
A+B Conference rooms74㎡2.6m455030243630From15,000yen
A Conference rooms37㎡2.6m242518121215From7,500yen
B Conference rooms37㎡2.6m242518121215From7,500yen
Rooms A + B pattern 1

45 people with 3 per table / 30 people with 2 per table
Rooms A + B pattern 2

30 people with 3 per table / 20 people with 2 per table
Room A

24 people with 3 per table / 16 people with 2 per table
Room B

18 people with 3 per table / 12 people with 2 per table

Guide to rates

【Tax included】

Venue name2hours3hours4hours5hours6hours7hours or moreAll day
Conference rooms A + B30,000yen40,000yen50,000yen60,000yen70,000yen80,000yen80,000yen
Conference room A15,000yen20,000yen25,000yen30,000yen35,000yen40,000yen40,000yen
Conference room B15,000yen20,000yen25,000yen30,000yen35,000yen40,000yen40,000yen

Venue equipment

80 inch screen (1.6 m by 1.2 m)
Screen/Projector set
Lunch catering
From 1,000 yen (plus tax)
Microphone set
DVD player
Table cloths

Contact us regarding equipment not in the list.


  • Wireless LAN
  • Wired LAN
  • You can bring in your own food and drink.
  • You can leave your luggage with us.
  • Setup and cleanup services
Estimates and advance consultations are free.
Feel free to contact us.

Usage limitations

The hotel cannot be used if the following are considered applicable. The hotel is not responsible for damages resulting from the termination of use caused by rule violations.
  • Use by persons or groups affiliated with organized crime or other anti-social forces.
  • Used for multilevel marketing.
  • Actions that cause problems for customers staying in the hotel.
  • The information on the application was incorrect.
  • The hotel determines the rules were violated.

Entering and leaving the room

  • You can enter the conference room up to 15 minutes before the time listed on the application. Request the front desk to unlock the room.
  • Leave the conference room within 15 minutes of the time listed on the application. After this time, you will be subject to an extension fee.

Payment methods

  • Bank transfer by the day prior to use (You cannot pay with a promissory note or check.)
  • Pay on-site at the front desk on the day of use (You can use cash, a credit card, etc.)
  • We support advance bank transfers and payment on-site, but please contact us if you would like to pay after. (A separate application and review are required.) * Additional charges after the bank transfer is made must be paid on-site.


  • To cancel an application, you must contact the staff.
  • The cancellation fee for 10 to 5 days prior to the day of use is 50% of the usage fee (standard rate).
  • The cancellation fee 4 days prior to the day of use or on the day of use is 100% of the usage fee (standard rate).

Using the restaurant

  • There is a restaurant on the 1st floor of the hotel called Anza.
    If you use the conference rooms, we can order coffee or make preparations for a gathering after the conference.
    * Note * Between 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm, the coffee is self-service.


  • Reservations are only accepted from customers who agree to the above. If you agree to the above, fill in the items required on the application.
  • The reservation is complete when we receive your application.
  • If you prefer to make a reservation online, please let us know when making an inquiry. Our staff will send you the URL.

How to apply

  1. (1) After you agree to the terms, fill in the application.
  2. (2) Submit it by email or fax.
  3. (3) After our staff contacts you, the reservation is complete.
  4. * Reservations can also be made online.
In this case, please contact us.⬇︎ PDF download (5 pages)