Terms of use

We have established terms of use so that you can use the hotel safely and comfortably.
As stipulated in Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions for the Accommodation Contract, we request your cooperation in abiding by these terms.
If you violate the terms, you may be refused accommodation or usage of the hotel facilities.
You also could be responsible for damages depending on the circumstances, so please exercise caution.

Items that must be followed in order to prevent fires

  • Do not smoke in areas where there is a higher likelihood of a fire occurring (smoking in bed or smoking outside of the smoking area).
  • Do not bring or use ignition sources into your room that are not used for smoking.
  • Do not engage in other activities that could cause a fire.
  • Do not tamper with the firefighting equipment. Doing so could make it difficult to maintain safety.

Items that must be followed in order to maintain safety

  • While staying at the hotel, check your lock when leaving your room.
  • Return your key to the front desk when leaving the hotel.
  • Refrain from meeting with visitors in your room.You can meet with others in the lobby.

Regarding the handling of valuables, deposited items, and lost items

  • In order to prevent accidents regarding cash or valuables, declare the contents and their value to the front desk, and write your full name on the bag for any valuables that you deposit. We will give you a deposit slip.
  • Please understand that we cannot provide compensation for damages resulting from the loss or destruction of cash or valuables that are not deposited at the front desk while you stay at the hotel.


  • For payments made at the hotel, you must use the domestic currency or a traveler’s check, hotel voucher, credit card, or electronic payment for which the hotel has an agreement. Payments are made when checking in. For advance payments, check with the agency or website with which you made your reservation.
  • We do not provide advances for transportation tickets, taxi fares, stamps, or shipping costs.

Other items that must be followed

  • Do not bring the following into the hotel: items that could cause problems for other guests (dogs [except for service dogs], cats, or other animals), incendiary or flammable items, items producing a foul odor, or items whose possession is prohibited by law.
  • Do not engage in behaviors in the hotel that could cause problems for other guests, such as talking in a loud voice, singing, verbal arguments, gambling, or activities that disrupt order or safety.
  • Do not use rooms or the lobby for business purposes (exhibitions, promotions, advertising, sales, etc.) or other purposes without permission from the hotel.
  • Do not significantly alter the current condition of the facilities or equipment in the hotel or use them for purposes other than intended.
  • Do not display or leave objects by the windows in the rooms or in the hallways or lobby.
  • Turn off the supply of hot water after using the bath or sink.Also, do not use them to color your hair.
  • Please understand that unaccompanied minors may be refused accommodation without the approval of a guardian.
  • Calls made from hotel rooms are charged a fee.

Basic policy on the protection of personal information

The company collects and uses customers’ personal information (name, address, phone number, gender, birth date, and email address) for the following purposes within the scope required.

  • To provide accommodation, meal, and party services; for the use of facilities; for the sale of goods; and as needed to perform our duties or provide other services.
  • For confirmations, communications, responses, notifications, invoices, and surveys.
  • For notifications through direct mail or emails with information considered to be beneficial to customers.

Provision to third parties

  • If we have the consent of the individual.
  • In order to respond to demands for information disclosure made by national government bodies, local public bodies, or their contractors in line with laws and regulations.
  • To protect the life, body, or health of an individual or property from infringements to rights or interests.

Protection and management of personal information

  • We appropriately and carefully store the personal information we have been provided so that leaks, tampering, and other incidents do not occur.


  • When you use our accommodation reservation system, we protect your personal information with SSL in order to ensure your security.

Compliance with laws and regulations

  • Applicable laws regarding personal information In addition to complying with regulations, we also review and revise our policy as required in order to ensure your personal information is protected.

Internet connections

  • The hotel provides internet connectivity through both wired and wireless (Wifi) LAN.
    You must have a notebook computer with a LAN port compatible with the ethernet standard (10/100Base‐TX), a PC with support for wireless LAN (including tablets and smartphones), or a device with equipped with an equivalent LAN card.
    You cannot use a dialup connection over a phone line.
    However, this does not apply to mobile cards used for network connections.
  • Virtually all OSs, such as Windows and Mac, can be used if the TCP/IP protocol is installed.
    However, this only applies to computers with which you are able to connect to a regular LAN environment without issue.
    Also, your computer must be able to automatically obtain an IP address.
    In the following cases, you will not be able to connect. Please change your settings.
    • You have a static IP address set but the DNS address is not set (it is empty). (Solution) Temporarily set a random DNS address ([10, 10, 10, 10], etc.).
    • You are using a proxy on a port other than 8080. (Solution) Temporarily clear your proxy settings.
  • Usage of the internet is not a guarantee provided to all customers. Depending on your computer’s settings or software, you may not be able to use the internet.
  • You should assume that the internet access from your room is not secure. We use hardware security, but understand that access from your room is public, and the hotel is not liable for any issues that could arise from internet use.
  • If numerous customers in the hotel use the internet at the same time, the lines could become severely congested, and you could be unable to connect or the transmission speed could be reduced. We request your understanding in advance.
  • You cannot access paid websites.
  • Depending on your provider, you may not be able to send emails from the LAN system.
  • We do not provide support for connections over a VPN.
  • You can rent a computer at 1,000 yen per night. (The internet connection is free. Units are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.)

Basic policy for information security

TOYO HOTEL.Inc (hereinafter, the company) strives to ensure and improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets, and in order to live up to the trust placed in the company by customers and society, the company acts according to the following information security policy.
● Liability
The company systematically and continuously strives to improve its information security.

● Scope of application
This applies to all information assets managed by the company.

● Legal compliance
The company complies with all laws, rules, and regulations related to information security.

● Implementation of information security measures
The company takes the appropriate information security measures to prevent the occurrence of information security incidents.
If an incident occurs, the company will respond promptly and make efforts to prevent its recurrence.

● Periodic evaluations and continuous improvements
While continuing to perform information security activities, the company periodically evaluates its management system and makes continuous improvements in order to respond to changes in social conditions, etc.


  • If there are settings that are only known to you, such as a fixed IP address, and you change those settings, remember to restore the settings.
    (The hotel is not liable for these changes.
    We request your understanding.)
  • If you will use the internet in the hotel, first read the manual provided in the desk of your room.
    (The hotel is not liable for any infractions regarding the items in the manual.)